Friday, September 7

What's wrong with this picture?

I'm 'home schooling' my children in Bangkok (to be covered later).  We do a worksheet during Timmy's lesson, where he is supposed to circle the things that are 'wrong' in the picture.  For example, one picture had a fish in a bed.  Another picture showed a bird's nest in a bathtub.  Timmy did an excellent job.  He circled all of the wrong things correctly.

I have created an adult version of "What's Wrong with this Picture?"  Look at the photo below and see if you can find something that is out of place:
I know the answer: Tim isn't wearing his Delta Employee Security Badge
You are correct!  Tim should most definitely not be standing behind the Delta Ticket Counter. 

Now, look at the photo below and see if you can find something 'wrong' with this picture:

I still don't understand why he couldn't upgrade our seats?
You are correct, again!  Yes, that is Tim, still behind the Delta Ticket Counter in Fort Myers, where he definitely should not be.
Look! Here's Tim trying to ignore Katrina while he 'works' at the Delta Ticket Counter checking himself in for his four-flight trip to Bangkok, Thailand.  
Tim was really mad in this picture
In fact, he was behind the counter so long, that three passengers requested assistance with their tickets and check-in.  To be fair, he was at the 'Sky Priority' kiosk.  Fortunately, Tim was able to redirect the passengers to a ticket agent employed by Delta Airlines.  Now, for the real test: 
If you were the President of Delta, or even the VP, or perhaps the Director of TSA, and you saw this picture, how many ticket counter agents would you fire?
A little blurry because it's hard to hold the phone still while laughing
The ticket agent wouldn't issue boarding passes to us because she said we required Visas to travel to Thailand.  She said Delta would be fined if an American boarded a flight without a legitimate visa.  If you are traveling to Thailand, and plan to stay more than 30 consecutive days, you need a Visa.  We were flying to Thailand on August 28th and then departing for Singapore on September 9th.  The ticket agent required an itinerary with a confirmed ticket departing Thailand within 30 days.  We neglected to print our itinerary before arriving at the Fort Myers airport.  Tim was unable to produce evidence of the departure ticket because the Ft. Myers airport WiFi access was unavailable.  That's when Tim became a Delta Ticketing Agent.  Unfortunately, Delta's Internet connection was down as well.  With minutes to spare, Tim purchased four, one-way, fully refundable tickets from Bangkok to Singapore for $800.00 each.  Yes, that's $3200.00, for 4 one-way coach class airline tickets - but we did have proof-positive that we would be leaving Thailand within 30 days. 

Important Thailand Travel Notes:
1) Immigration in Thailand does not check the departure ticket/itinerary as you enter the country.  This is an airline enforced rule.
2) Visas can be purchased at the immigration counter for about $35.00
3) As long as you leave within 30 days after your arrival, you don't need a Visa.  As an American, conceivably you could stay in Thailand for years as long as you exited and reentered the country every 29 days.
4) In the rational world, round trip tickets from Bangkok to Singapore cost about $200.00.
5) The last time Thailand fined an American airline for visa violations was never.



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