Wednesday, March 23

Why Libya matters to you

Libya, like Rwanda, is a country of peoples bound by tribal loyalties.  Individuals define themselves first by their tribe and then by country.  Political interests have historically leveraged tribal loyalty, providing one tribe with funds, arms and a mission to successfully defeat conflicting interests. 

Ostensibly you don’t care about the political interests and tribes of Libya.  But you must.  A conflict fueled by politics and led by one well armed tribe against all other tribal people has in the past resulted in horrific tragedy. 

You care about Libya as exampled by one boy, a victim in Rwanda.

Jean-Marie Mugabo was ten years old, living in Nyanza, in a southern province of Rwanda.

Wednesday, March 2

It's Never Too Early to Start Planning for April Fool's Day

If you are unclear about the rules of folly on April 1st, I will give you a brief primer.

The morning of April 1, 2011, all bets are off and the game is on (you can use any cliche you want here).  Any prank that does not induce pain, harm or maim a person, place or thing, is fair game.  If you want to know more than that, wait until April Fool's Day and I will write an extensive historical background on the holiday (that will be part of a prank so be smart enough not to believe it but definitely tell other people to read it).