Monday, September 10

Satan's Spicy Soup

It was dark outside when we landed in Bangkok and I had lost all sense of time.  It could have been 8:00pm or 3:00am. The airport was so busy it looked like it was 5:00pm.  When we finally arrived at our apartment building, it was 1:00am.   

Regardless of the hour, it felt like it was time for a meal.  We were starving and our food options in the middle of the night were limited.  The only thing that was open was 7Eleven. The only thing that looked appetizing in the Bangkok, 7Eleven at 1:30am was noodles. I chose what I believed to be the most bland, 'safest' flavor of noodles. See photo below. The packaging clearly said "rice vermicelli noodles in clear broth."

I think it was mistranslated or simply missing some key descriptive adjectives, because it was actually rice vermicelli noodles in hot sauce from hell. My stomach will never be the same.

Satan's Spicy Soup

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