Thursday, March 8

Limbaugh potentially ill?

As a parent there are certain questions I avoid like the plague. I often respond to the most awkward question “Mom where do babies come from?” with “Daddy can answer that question much better than I can.” Of course there are other difficult esoteric questions also worthy of deflection. Even Webster was of no assistance with the most recent “What does the word ‘integrity’ mean?”
In the same way that an example of “high” can be used to define “low,” I decided that it was easier to explain the opposite of integrity as a path to the true meaning of integrity. This seemed an obvious solution considering examples of individuals totally devoid of even a speck of integrity abound in the news.
Rush Limbaugh is in my opinion, the King of negative integrity. In a colossal collision of his personal opinion and all ethical codes and canons of journalism, Limbaugh disgracefully attacked Sandra Fluke for presenting her testimony on contraception before Congress. He said on his radio show: 

“I will buy all of the women at Georgetown…aspirin to put between their knees…(Fluke) essentially says that she must be paid to have sex. What does that make her? a slut…a prostitute. She’s having so much sex she can’t afford the contraception. If we are going to pay for your (Fluke) contraceptives…We want you to post the videos online so we can all watch…who bought your condoms in junior high? She's having so much sex it's amazing she can still walk.”
Subsequent to Limbaugh’s absurd verbal spew Fluke has become a sympathetic figure and appeared on multiple major network TV shows and is a pervasive topic in news media. Limbaugh’s disturbingly inappropriate comments catapulted Fluke’s contraception cause into mainstream discussion and raised the question, “Is Limbaugh filtering all of his thoughts?” Everything he said, except for the prepositions should have remained caged within his temporal lobe. Limbaugh’s inability to mentally filter may be a symptom of a more serious health issue. He may need to have a sieve surgically implanted on his brain.
I once had an experience when my mouth was directly connected to my stream of consciousness. I had a horrible rash and realized I was out of Benadryl. In a moment of total desperation I decided to use my children’s Benadryl. I doubled the dose assuming that two eight year olds equal one of me. Unfortunately my computation was off and I quadrupled the dose. The rash went away but my arms felts like overcooked linguine with bricks at each end where my hands should have been. Everything that came out of my mouth was nonsensical; I was useless verbal entertainment.
I was hoping to apply a similar excuse to Limbaugh’s illogical eruption. A drug induced manic verbal moment is plausible considering his history of drug addiction. In 2003 he was absent from his show to enter drug rehabilitation for prescription drug addiction. In this particular instance I don’t think the “I was drugged out of my mind” excuse is applicable considering Limbaugh repeated the same statements about Fluke during his radio show over the course of three days.
In 2006 he was charged with doctor shopping. The criminal charges were dropped when he agreed to a court diversion program which included drug treatment and a fine. Two months later he was detained in a Florida airport for possessing the penis erectile dysfunction drug Viagra that was prescribed in a different name. The Viagra was confiscated but Limbaugh wasn’t charged.
This last verbal attack may have revealed more about his well-being than he intended. He may be suffering from the side effects from Viagra, Oxycontin or Hydrocodone which include but aren’t limited to: loss of hearing, mental changes, speech changes and constipation.
His problem with University students may run deep considering he never made it past his freshman year and his issue with contraception could be multifaceted. Perhaps he is suffering from other ailments of which we know nothing. One can only hope that someone close to Limbaugh, presumably his fourth wife since he has no children, is assessing his condition.  
The challenge for me is that I cannot use this R-rated example of the opposite of integrity to define integrity for my children. Thus I shall continue to say “Daddy can answer that question much better than I can.”

p.s., Limbaugh signed a $400 million contract 8 year contract in 2008. I need a raise.

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  1. People like Rush Limbaugh pull stunts like this to gain attention and listeners. I remember when he first came to the Orlando market, the station issued an "apology" for comments he made regarding gays.

    When I contacted a personal friend at the station carrying the show, I was told that this was a planned ad campaign by his production company to gain listeners.

    That said, it is my opinion that if someone needs to "fake" something like that to gain an audience, then they are not worth listening to.

    I am not surprised at his latest remarks as this is his nature.