Saturday, February 25

The Pope is on twitter

The pope is tweeting once a day every day for the next 40 days of lent. He is reminding people in 140 characters or less of important biblical passages and themes. This is supposed to help people remain committed to their sacrifice during lent.

Question 1) what will he do when lent is over? Will his twitter account go dormant until next lent?

Question 2) who's idea was this? They should be fired. It is only a matter of time before it becomes public that the pope is following a priest that tracked down a kid on twitter and - well nothing good can come of that. Its a disaster of epic proportion in the making. It's Kim Kardashian + Arnold Schwarzenegger + Anthony Weiner = social media catastrophe. Ugh. .... Must we all witness the religious debris bound to spew from this impending wreck - yuck

Not trying to be sacrilegious here - just pointing out the inevitable.

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