Friday, November 18

My new Indian name

I have decided that I should give myself an Indian - as in Native American Indian name.  Also, I am using 'Indian' because I grew up with Cowboys and Indians and Tonto.  Tonto was a cool Indian - not a cool Native American.

I am trying to think of a symbolic name that is meaningful and reflects my character.  Like "Stands with a Fist" the heroine in the movie Dances with Wolves.  Remember her?  She was the only female character in the movie that had a rat's nest for a hair do - reflecting her 'wild' Indian persona.  All of the other female roles in the movie had perfect braids.  Odd dichotmoy - sounds like a bad wardrobe and makeup department to me.

Anyway, instead of "Stands with a Fist" I am going with "Sits with a keyboard."  At least for the time being until I come up with something better. 

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  1. LOve it! When my sister quit drinking coffee (she had a TWO POT a day habit) she suffered terrible migraines. That was the week Dance with Wolves debuted. We took her to the movie and she was in pain the entire time as she had a splitting headache. We gave her the Indian name of "Head in Vice". It suited her quite well. :-)