Sunday, November 6

Columbus sailed a flat planet and invaded a land - not America

If you are going to continue to tell your children that Columbus sailed the ocean blue and discovered America - why don't you also tell your children that the earth is flat.  Because if you are going to play the game: 'tell your kid a lie because it's easier' a 'flat planet' and the 'Columbus discovery of America' are equally not truthful.  In other words, a big fat lie based on no facts whatsoever. 

Furthermore, at one point in time, there was a bunch of people on the planet, including Columbus, who believed that the earth was flat.  Then someone said "The earth is a sphere and I have facts to prove it!"  The flat earth believers then said things like "Why do you want to rewrite history?"  Eventually, when rockets took off and looked back at the planet, took pictures of the earth and brought the pictures home as evidence - it could no longer be denied.  Everyone agreed the earth is definitely round and the science books were rewritten and parents finally told their children the truth.

How about everyone agrees to tell their kids the truth now.  Columbus did not discover America.  And telling your children the truth does not make you 'unAmerican'.  And you can't be rewriting history that never actually happened - you are writing the correct history for the first time.  Finally, yes, Columbus was a great discoverer, but so were the Chinese who came long before Columbus.

And last but not least - HOW CAN YOU DISCOVER A COUNTRY THAT IS ALREADY POPULATED?  There were many, many what we now call Native Americans already living in what we now call America.  A bunch of Anglo-Saxons and Europeans DID NOT DISCOVER AMERICA THEY INVADED AMERICA and then categorically annihilated an entire ethnic nation of Native Americans - ssystematically destroying their history and traditions.

Please man up and tell your children's teacher to tell your kids the truth.

Is this guy Columbus?

                How about this guy? Does he look like Columbus?
  This is also supposed to be a picture of Columbus.                      

Maybe this guy is Columbus?

or this guy?



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