Sunday, June 19

134 Chances to a fascinating 2012 election

The 2012 election is already shaping up to be fabulously entertaining. For the candidates, there is a new dimension to the campaign. The content of their message is important, but now the delivery of the message is significant as well.
Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty topped Newt Gingrich’s Twitter announcement on Sunday with a web video that included an original soundtrack.
In his video he said, “I could pass out stickers and cupcakes, I could promise that we could eliminate a $14 trillion debt….or, I could try something different, I could just tell you the truth. The truth is our country’s in big trouble.”
I don’t know why he can’t do both? I like cupcakes and stickers. I’m not suggesting that he pass out cupcakes and stickers to the entire American population as 311,404,000 cupcakes seem a bit unwieldy, especially since so many people have allergies these days.
However, he could announce ahead of time where the cupcakes and stickers will be on his campaign trail and then, those interested could rendezvous at the cupcake/sticker meeting point. Perhaps, since Gov. Pawlenty is obviously web savvy, voters could even sign up online ahead of time indicating flavor preferences so that his aides would have a better cupcake count.
I think the cupcakes and stickers would give Pawlenty a leg up against the 134 individuals who have filed a statement of candidacy with the Federal Election Commission (FEC). Of those, there are currently nine publically declared candidates with more likely to come. I look forward to at least a year of amusing “Saturday Night Live” shows but I see a few speed bumps ahead. There aren’t enough cast members to play all the characters in one skit, nor is there enough space on the stage.
My hope is that all 134 announce their candidacy. The more the merrier in my mind. Unfortunately real estate tycoon and hair helmet expert Donald Trump has already declined to run. Additionally, the naked cowboy, Robert Burck, a surefire source of entertainment, announced his candidacy in 2010 but still hasn’t filed with the FEC. Maybe I will email Burck the link to the FEC website in case he doesn’t know about that step in the process.
No matter what, I’m really looking forward to the 2012 election and the presentation of each candidate’s strategery, cupcakes and promises for a better America.

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  1. Run, run, run! We need an intelligent woman with a sense of humor running this country - not morons like Palin or Bachman