Friday, January 27

I Told you So!!!!!

I'm going to start a new section of my blog called "I TOLD YOU SO."  Please refer to my Book and Film review of the King's Speech months ago and you will see a long diatribe composed - by me - about Lady Wallis Simpson.  I TOLD EVERYONE then, months ago, that a movie should be made about Lady Wallis Simpson who clearly had many talents.  Lo and behold, who has made a movie about Lady Wallis Simpson?  Madonna!  Yes, Madonna has obviously been following my blog and stole my idea.  Direct quote from my previous entry - and by the way you should go read the rest of that movie review because I still find it very entertaining.

Second, what was up with Lady Wallis Simpson?  She was middle aged, divorced twice, American and still managed to score a King!  What was her trick?  I think a movie about Lady Wallis would be fascinating.  I suspect part of it would be rated pg and filled with Emily Post like details, part of it would be rated r with witty dialog as seen on TV gems such as The West Wing but most of it would be rated x showing scenes of Wallis Simpson's real talents.  What did she know?  What was her area of expertise?  Does she know something that middle aged women everywhere need to know?....

My questions:
1) Should I sue Madonna for idea thievery for every penny she is worth? 
2) Should I call Madonna and let her know that we obvioulsy have a lot in common since we think a lot alike and maybe we should be friends (leaving out the law suit)
3) Should I call Madonna's new girlfriend, the girl who plays Lady Wallace Simpson and tell her that the chances that she has acquired a STD from Madonna is very, very high?
4) Should I call 'EXTRA' TV show and tell them they should stop calling the girl that is playing Lady Wallace Simpson "Madonna's escort" because we all know she is Madonna's lesbian lover?

If anything this serves as yet another example of how good my ideas are.  A movie about a diabolical swinging single American woman ensnaring a self-absorbed prince is a lot easier to make than a movie about a stuttering king!

See image of Idea thief below:
Madonna - 2012 Golden Globes Winner
This is Madonna getting an award with a lot of visible boobage

This is supposed to be Wallis Simpson and the King (who stopped being king because then he gave up the throne for Wallis). Does she look attractive enough to score a King?  Isn't he the guy that was in the English Patient?  Wasn't that movie 2 hours too long?  It took forever for that guy to die.

People in W.E. Madonna's movie that she stole from me

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  1. Well - Wallis Simpson certainly had something that landed King George but the kind himself was a bit off track. What we can say about that relationship is that it lasted despite her history of 2 failed relationships. I guess 3rd time is the charm. I've got a fair bit of respect for Madonna as a musician/singer even though, as an evangelical, I have strong reservations about her life-style choices. I'm interested, personally, in issues of character (just posted on my Dad and Tebow ( and I think it is character that stands the test of time in terms of gaining (or losing) respect. As far as screenplay rights - well, if I had a buck for every great idea I've had that someone else managed to write, produce and get on screen first - I'd be Spielberg