Saturday, November 26

Gingrich attracts another record crowd

By NBC's Alex Moe ~ NAPLES, FL -- For more than four hours, a long line wrapped around the entire top floor of Books-A-Million here just to have the chance to visit briefly with Newt Gingrich and his wife, Callista. ~ “Frankly, like the bookstore, we are a little overwhelmed by the turnout here this morning,” the former House speaker told the more than 650 people who came out Saturday to copies of the Gingrich’s books autographed. “So thank you all for being here.”

One attendee, 8-year-old Katrina Russell, not only had a book autographed for her father, but also asked the presidential hopeful a few questions she had prepared.
 “If you become president, will you order Godfathers Pizza?” Katrina asked Gingrich, reading off of a hand-written index card that Gingrich later wrote “good questions” on the back of. ~ “I like Herman Cain and Godfathers Pizza is good but I eat too much pizza, I’m not supposed to eat pizza,” the Speaker responded with a smile and was asked two more questions by the little girl.

“Someday if you work hard, you can grow up and be one of these folks,” Gingrich said as he nodded to the gathered media. ~ Later, Katrina, who one day hopes to be a reporter, told the press she would vote for Speaker Gingrich if she could. ~ “He’s a good person and I know that he’ll make good laws and that he’ll set the U.S.A. to some peace and he’s a really good person and that’s why I’m voting for him,” she added.

During the book signing, the Michele Bachmann campaign sent out an email accusing Gingrich of being the “most liberal GOP candidate on the issue of immigration reform.”   “Either Michele Bachmann can’t get her facts straight on understanding immigration reform or she is intentionally lying. Either of, it is disappointing in a presidential candidate,” spokesman R.C. Hammond told NBC News at the event in Southwest Florida.

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