Thursday, June 9

The Mystery Behind Arnold Schwarzenegger

Where, when, why and how did Arnold Schwarzenegger have a child with a member of his household staff? OK, never mind the ‘how’ I guess we all know that bit of the story. But when, where and why did he start another family? His home must have been occupied at all times with children, staff and occasionally his wife, Maria Shriver. Granted, his special friend was one of the staff, but wasn’t she busy dusting or answering the phone? Presumably, as governor of the great state of California, he must have been very busy with his stately duties as well as the obligations of family and friends. I can’t figure out how he had the time to make a new friend and add another family to his list of responsibilities. My day can’t possibly be as busy as his and I can barely make it to car line on time much less socialize with my existing friends. It might be nice to meet someone new, but I can’t imagine adding another relationship, more children and exponentially more homework. Putting the moral bit aside, I am oddly curious about the general mechanics of extra-marital affairs, additional children and the complicated transgressions of public figures like Arnold Schwarzenegger.
I believe it is the mystery of multi-family management that strangely drew me to the TV show Big Love. The show is about a polygamist family and the main character is Bill Paxton, a man with three wives and too many children to count. I’m fascinated with the idea that one man can manage not only the costs but more importantly the emotional needs of so many wives. I can’t imagine being married to three of me. How can one man function successfully at work and at the same time appropriately respond to the demands of three wives whose monthly hormones could result in a circus-like atmosphere with three side show freaks on an emotional roller coaster?
Arnold Schwarzenegger

Public figure or not, it seems to me that additional wives, special friends, and children only leads to a level of complexity that I for one couldn’t manage. I believe in the age old parable K.I.S.S., keep it simple stupid. One spouse and a set of children seem to be the simple stupid path to my greatest chance for a successful and happy life.
Frankly, I believe Arnold should be considered for re-election based solely on his talent for precision timing and logistics management. I am so impressed with his ability to multi-task I think I could write the tag line for his platform. “If Governor Schwarzenegger was able to hide a second family for ten years, think of all the other things he must be able to hide” wait, that didn’t sound so good, did it?

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