Sunday, February 13

Virginia's State of Mind: Valentine's Day Question & Answer, Third Date

I met an awesome woman through a friend of mine. We have had coffee, and we went to dinnr/movie.  I asked her out for Valentine's Day and now I regret it because I have no idea what to do.  I'm afraid if I take her to dinner she will think my feelings are stronger than they are, but I do like her.  Can I cancel the date?  Can I call her today and politely tell her I am not feeling well?  Jay

Dear Jay;
You are doomed.  If you tell her you are sick and cancel she will suspect you are trying to get out of the date.  If you follow through, she will expect you to take her out to dinner which will surely turn romantic as every restaurant has developed an overpriced menu bathed in shadowy candlelight so you can't see the prices.  It will be so dark you will feel like you are already in her bedroom which likely has candles by the bed even when it isn't Valentine's Day.  Do you have a cast from a previous injury?  A car accident in the afternoon would definitely work because you would still be in pain, need bed rest and an anti-inflammatory.  You could easily send her a photo from your phone with undeniable (the cast) evidence. 

In the future, do not ask a woman out on a first date beginning February 1st.  Remember January 31st is the dating cut off and anything after February 15th is fine. 

Happy Valentine's Day.

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