Saturday, January 29

Friends hope for a Word of the Month

I recently heard about a very successful blog.  The blog author picks a word that represents a larger theme every year.  My friend Courtney told me about the blog.  I haven’t seen the blog, but Courtney said the word this year was something like ‘hope’ or ‘friendship’ or some other inspirational word.  I guess the blog author manages to weave the word into her posts throughout the year.  This seems like a great idea so I thought I would give it a try.

Here is the problem I do not think I can really commit to one word all year.  So I was thinking of having one word a month.  I don’t think that would be too confusing.  I will just explain each month, for example, in February, I will announce the month’s word with great fanfare.

The next problem is that I am having a lot of trouble picking the words.  Here is a list of the words that I have chosen so far and why;

WORD IDEA #1: Bear (as in the animal, hence the polar bear photo above).  I really like the word bear because I like animals.  I have always found it interesting that a lot of people have snuggly stuffed bears that they sleep with at night but if they see a live bear, say in their backyard, they are terrified and run like hell.  I could write a lot about that dichotomy.  Humans have objectified the poor bear, turning them into miniature stuffed children’s toys.  Really the only difference between Barbie and Paddington is that Paddington is in the ‘Plush Section’ of the toy store. 

I also like Bears because they hibernate all winter.  I would definitely hibernate if I could and I would not limit my hibernation to winter.  The nice thing about the hibernation is that whenever I run out of things to write about the word ‘bear’ I could say that my thoughts were in ‘hibernation’.  I could extend that analogy for a long time a write forever about how it is good to spend time ‘hibernating’ and thinking, meditating, go to yoga, get some exercise.  Wait. No. I meant spend some time thinking, and resting, rejuvenating the soul, hibernating from the craziness of life and escaping all of the ‘screens’ (except this one and the occasional movie).  So when I wasn’t writing about the word ‘bear’ I could just say that I was hibernating from screens (screens is lingo for computer screens and tv screens, etc.) and finding peace.  For me, peace would be sleeping and this is why I have so much in common with bears.  And of course, I love honey.  Who doesn’t?  And, I really enjoy the theme song to the Winnie the Pooh movie and ‘The Bear Necessities’ song from the movie The Jungle Book.

The only problem is that I think I have already written everything I can think of about the word bear. 

WORD IDEA #2 Poopie.  My 4 year old son talks about poopie and peepie constantly.  It drives me insane.  The only reason that I would write about poopie and peepie is that I obviously have a constant source of content.  In fact, I am certain I have a year’s worth of blog posts.  I don’t know if it would be therapy for me to get it all out or if it would make me crazy to see how much of my day is spent either taking my son to the bathroom to go poopie and peepie where I am forced to discuss his poopie and peepie and how often I have to reprimand him for the inappropriate use of ‘poopie’ and ‘peepie’ for instance, when he calls his sister a ‘poopie head’.  No, I can’t do it.  It is annoying just to write about this, much less read.

WORD IDEA #3 Hope. I could write about hope.  Hope is very uplifting.  People like to find hope in their lives.  For example, I hope that my son will stop talking about poopie and peepie one day.

WORD IDEA #4 Friendship.  Friendship is good.  I could have ‘make a new friend month’.  Or I could have a nebulous Hallmark-like tag line “Celebrate you Friends this month.”


 Did you notice the obvious blank?  That’s because I don’t have any more ideas.  And, I got #2 from my 4 year old son and to be honest, I stole #3 and #4 from the story I heard from my friend Courtney about that other person’s blog.  I don’t know how well the word of the month thing is going to work out.  Maybe that is why the other blog author only chose one word.  Even though there are millions of words, she could only come up with one word that she really liked, just like when you chose a paint color from the vast array of colors to paint your kitchen.

The picture of the polar bears is from my Father’s cruise to the North Pole.  He took his wife, but he did not take me.  I do not know why.  I have asked many times both to go on his plethora of trips and for explanations as to why he does not ask me to accompany him.  His answers are flimsy at best.  He and his wife flaunted their many North Pole pictures all over the place.  I have chosen one that is germane to this post.  These polar bears were on an iceberg eating from a whale carcass.  A male polar bear approached and the mother bear, who is obviously much smaller, growled and the two bears got into a very scary bear argument.  I should have written about the mother bear instinct as well.  Mother bears will fight to the death to protect their young.  If you had seen me the day that someone told me that my daughter wasn’t sitting properly during circle time at the library, you would know that I possess the mother bear instinct as well.  I am just posting this picture, because this picture includes the cute baby bear.  I don’t know what kind of bird that is, but I think it might be an important rare sort of bird.

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